Berland Honig - the company

The Bergland Honig bees bestir themselves in the most flowering regions of Europe and here they also collect the superior genuine Bergland honey and the excellent Bergland flowers honey. Our products are severely being controlled numerous times from the winning to the filling in order to ensure a continuously high quality of honey.

Bergland Honig - best quality guaranteed

The winning of high quality honey has got tradition at Bergland Honig. Since 1981 the Carinthian company has been the first address regarding high-quality products of the bees’ world. The founder of the company, Peter Schellander, a passionate beekeeper with long-lasting experience himself, guarantees a very high quality of Bergland Honig’s range of products. “At BERGLAND HONIG, quality management is a matter of the boss! I personally care about the selection of honeys, out of which our products are being made.” The founder sets a high value on this matter.